Back to my routine… And Dream Amnesia…

After a while out of the rooftops, and just sitting here and at work, this weekend i planned to start again with my parkour sessions and stuff… but let’s see how long I’ll keep that routine… i normally take a bus to work and stuff, but now, i shall run my way through the rooftops to my work… keep in shape and all that stuff… yet i still don’t know how my shoes will do… i may have to order new ones… its a little bit difficult for me to find, because im size 15… so yeah…

In other news….

in the past 2 days i can’t remember what I’ve dreamed… so far i remember that last night there was something wrong with my voice, i couldn’t speak, then i had to travel to see what was going on with my voice… suddenly… i was in a helicopter in the streets with some friends, and one of them was ‘surfing’ in the other buses, then we stopped to buy some burgers… then i woke up…

a side from that…

the rainy weather, from where im, has suddenly disappear to sunny, and it will stay as that all week, till Tuesday…  Sunny, sun, sun, sun…. dang it!

any way…

my Battle Royal II story is going well… but i still don’t know if i will traduce it to English… meanwhile other stories will wait a little, until i get well what i want to write, hehe…


That’s it….


Good Hunting….


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