About ME

Following what the people say:
Patient, Kind, Nice, Funny, quiet… Stoic….

The music i like?
depends on my emotional Status, but principally:
Metal industrial, Industrial, Power metal…

What else you like and/or do?

I like and do, Parkour, im a gamer as well,
i like guns and weapons, Knives…

i like First Person shooters, as well as:
Doom, 1 ,2 ,3, REvenge of evil, Plutonia eXperiment, TNT EVilution.
Mirror’s Edge
Devil may cry,
Assassins creed., Call of duty: 1, 2, 4, 6, and Black ops only…
Frets on Fire
Forsaken 64, PSX
Turok, Perfect dark,
Splinter cell
Ghost Recon ( except for GRAW 2… even thought i like the CD, Juarez thing)
Rainbow Six

Nitronic Rush

Ao Oni

Nuclear Dawn

Counter Strike

Half Life, 2, Episode one, Episode , Blue shift, Opposing Force.

Tony Hawk 4 Pro Skater PC and GBA version

Mario 3, Mario 64, Super mario world, Mario KArt 64, Mario kart Double dash, MArio Sunshine

MArvel VS CApcom 2

URban TError,

Open Arena,


Blood, 2 the Chosen one

Golden eye,

F-Zero, X, AX, GX

Just CAuse 2

THe legend Of Zelda, Ocarina of time, MAjoras, TWilight PRincess,

Final Fantasy3,

Chrono Trigger,


Ace- Combat Xi Ipod Touch Version

Metroid, Echoes,

Enter the Matrix

Resident Evil, Zero, 2,3,4…

Cry of fear

Sniper Elite

Time Crisis,2,3.

House of the dead, 2

Silent Scope,

Silent hill, 1 -4

Tron 2.0,


Mortal Kombat,

Torus TRooper,

Warning For Ever,


Merch mercenaries 3,

Max Payne,

Unreal tournament…

and… yeah…

You like Anime?

well not that much but I’ve seen some series like:

Elfen Lied, Hellsing, Monster, DNAngel, Digimon…

and yes sometimes i like to cosplay >w<…

You are with some one now?
yes, i have my Girlfreind, her name is Claudia, i like to call her Miza, be cause she reeeally looks like her, i never watched Death note, o read the Manga, but still i know quite some of it…

i like cloudy and rainy weather, i like to run in the middle of the night, a rainstorm, no one in the streets… just me…

i discovered WordPress for quite a while, but until yesterday i actually got in to it…


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